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KOOLFLIX. est 2002

KOOLFLIX™ researches deep into a client’s business and develops video content that aligns with the company’s long and short term revenue goals.  We work hard to find the right tone, tempo, and voice for each video we produce.  Being able to understand the subtle differences in the way a video communicates with it’s audience.  Delivering content excellence is what sets KOOLFLIX™ apart from other production companies.


We produce a wide range of videos that ENGAGE.  Whether you are a university wanting to reach young alumni or raising money for a capital campaign, KOOLFLIX™ understands what you need, even when you don’t.  Television Commercials, Social Media Video Content, Online Video Content, Documentaries, Short Film, Music Videos, Episodic Series, Sales Presentations, Product Demonstrations, Property Tours, and Resort Destinations videos are all part of the KOOLFLIX™ history and expertise.


When it comes to entertainment, Tim is no stranger. He is an alumnus of Clemson University’s acting/directing program and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and minored in Theatre. After graduation, Tim moved to NYC to pursue his acting career. While in New York, Tim managed the famous Producer’s Club, starred in several Off-Broadway shows, television commercials and national, one-man tours. He then moved to Tucson, Arizona where he honed his passion for filmmaking. Having made an impression with cutting-edge videos, Tim was offered a job in Maui, Hawaii where he produced numerous projects for Fortune 500 companies including Bank of America, Time Warner, and Boeing. 


After several years of international travel, shooting and editing in London, Prague and the Caribbean, Tim was once again lured away to Toronto, Canada as a marketing manager for Artsmarketing, Inc. While north of the border, Tim led teams that raised money for non-profit arts organizations like the Toronto Symphony, The Alliance Theatre and the illustrious National Symphony Orchestra. While in Los Angeles, marketing the Globe Theatre, his love for filmmaking was rejuvenated. 


Tim started his own production company KOOLFLIX™ in 2002. He focused primarily on producing videos for the fashion and entertainment industry with clients like the Grammy award-winning music group OUTKAST. After several years in Los Angeles, Tim missed the beautiful countryside of his hometown, Greenville, SC. He moved back to The Upstate in 2005 and worked as a producer for Fox Carolina for 3 years before helping to launch a national start-up and online video company, MyCityHD. In 2011, Tim revived his company, KOOLFLIX™, bringing 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry home to Greenville, SC.

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