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KOOLFLIX™ produces a variety of videos for corporate use that include the promotion of a new product or service, a company overview, company expansion announcements and event highlights.

Greenville Country Club

"New MemberRecruitment"


KOOLFLIX™ partnered with the Greenville Country Club to create this member recruitment video.  


KOOLFLIX™ captured video for approximate 4 months to present all of the different amenities offered by the club. 


"You Get It All"


Promoting the "Stay at any Sands Resort and Get the Perks of Them All" campaign, KOOLFLIX™ produced this promotional spot for use on the Sands Resort website and through social media.


KOOLFLIX™ has been a corporate partner of Sands Resorts since 2010.

M33 Philanthropy Montage

"Corporate Presentation"


Working with the M33 to develop online content for their website.  The Philanthropy Montage was created to showcase all of the philanthropic work preformed by M33.


These presentation videos produced by KOOLFLIX™ was used at the end of year meeting by M33.

9 Round

"National Franchise Presentation" 


KOOLFLIX™ developed this video as a national presentation for the sale of franchises for 9 Round - Total Body Workout.  


KOOLFLIX™ has worked with 9 Round for the development of national broadcast television commercials, as well as, presention and testimonial videos.


"Corporate Overview"


Developing this promotional video for Lewallen Automation, KOOLFLIX™ showcased their advanced industrial controls and extensive platform capabilities.


KOOLFLIX™ used green screen technology, 2D animation and onsite videography to tell this informative story.


"Family Friendly"


Lab Pups is a pet-centered organization designed to put labrador retreiever puppies in happy homes.


KOOLFLIX™ produced this promotional video for Lab Pups to promote awareness and to educate the public on their services.


"Slip Resisitant"


KOOLFLIX™ produced this regional spot promoting this inventive flooring.


This is one of many videos KOOLFLIX™ has produced, scripted, directed and edited for Eco-Grip.  A full series of training videos were also created for the end user.



KOOLFLIX™ partnered with Palmetto Engineering & Consulting to promote their global communication services to a targeted audience.


KOOLFLIX™ has a long standing relationship with Palmetto Engineering producing multiple videos and wrtten content for their website.


"Golf for Any Age"


Birdieball is a unique golfing experience designed to be fun and to teach young golfers the fundamentals of game play.


KOOLFLIX™ partnered with Birdieball to produce this informative video on this very popular style of golf.  This video serves as a great example of a straight forward promotional tool designed to quickly tell the story of this unique product.

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