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KOOLFLIX™ products and services include High-Definition Video Production, Marketing, Distribution, Online Video, TV Commercials, Studio Shoots, Episodic TV Series, Popular Videos, Product Branding, Company Branding, Corporate Events, Shooting Resort Destinations, Property Tours, Email Bounce-Back Videos, Web Videos, Social Media Videos,  Email Video Invitations, Video Resumes and more.


KOOLFLIX™ understands the subtle differences in the tone, tempo, and voice of each video content application.  Video content for broadcast, promotional, educational, training and social media require careful planning and creation to ENGAGE the viewer and promote viral distribution.  We welcome you to view some examples of our work below.


We produce video content for both on air and online viewing.  Working with clients from a variety of backgrounds gives KOOLFLIX™ the abilty to comfortably produce a wide range of marketing campaigns.  


One added benefit to partnering with KOOLFLIX™ is our ability to serve as your agency of record.  In this role, we have an experienced staff that will customize the placement of your television ad in the perfect spot just for you.


We produce videos for communicating multi-million dollar capital campaigns, videos that speak to young alumni and the importance of giving back to their university.  


We produce awareness campaigns that allow non-profit companies to explain their mission and the importance of their cause.


KOOLFLIX™ produces a number of videos for corporate use, whether it be presenting a new product or service or presenting the company as a whole for a presentation video.  


KOOLFLIX™ works with colleges and universities to create web excellence. Our projects range from Capital Campaign videos for raising funds for new departmental buildings to creating engaging and informative videos that explain registration, student services, student recruitment, and economic development for the school.


We also create compelling TV and Web commercials for reaching the potential student in the 14 to 24 year old range and their parents.


KOOLFLIX™ understands the importance of safety and educational training.  We understand the need to operate under specific federal and state guidleines. KOOLFLIX will work with your team to customize a detailed plan of action.


Our experienced staff works to deliver clear and concise messages using video testimonials, motion graphics and 3D animation as required by the project.


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