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The Art of Window Dressing

HunterDouglas is a leading innovator in window coverings. RockTenn is a leader in corrugated and consumer packaging. KOOLFLIX™ is a leader in engaging storytelling. What do you get when you blend the talents of all three groups? You get a silhouette video wall on display at Gracious Home in Manhattan New York.

The first step was to create, write and storyboard the action and then to identify the talent for the sequences to be projected in the window display. KOOLFLIX™ issued a casting call and narrowed the list to five ladies to audition before the fine folks at RockTenn. A mock-up sihouette was built with a single backlight in front of white background paper.

Once the talent was chosen, production was set-up. A green screen was used in order to better control the overall look once in post. To streamline the process and check each sequence that was shot, an editor set-up shop in the studio and performed the initial post of the silhouette effect.

The RockTenn installation team then assembled and fine-tuned the look of the window display by adding a few translucent pieces of furniture, the LED wall and of course the marque HunterDouglas automated window treatment.

The finish project features a morning scene of the young lady drinking coffee and preparing for her day, then an afternoon scene featuring a playful visit with the young lady's dog and then finally an evening scene featuring a date bringing the young lady flowers.

The project was such a huge success that KOOLFLIX™ and RockTenn plan to expand on this idea and grow these types of displays to customers throughout the country.

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